Information for Students

The DataLab engages with students in a variety of ways, through cutting-edge courses in data science, Capstone projects with our industry partners, and intensive Research Assistantships. The main mechanisms for student collaboration are described below.  For industry partners interested in working with DataLab students, please contact the DataLab directly.

  • Data Science Courses: DataLab faculty teach several Data Science courses at the PhD, MS, and BS level. Read more about our quickly growing curriculaStudents can also arrange for independent study courses with DataLab faculty. Students interested in this option should approach faculty well in advance in order to design a suitable project before the start of classes.
  • Capstone Projects: Students are critical to our thriving Capstone program, which provides undergraduate and master’s students the opportunity to work on real-world problems developed in conjunction with our industry partners. Projects are student-directed, giving students the opportunity demonstrate specific skills and synthesize different components of their learning. Students will be expected to take responsibility for the project with faculty taking on an advisory role. The DataLab has close partnerships with several businesses who can provide unique and challenging questions and datasets for students to work with.
  • Research Assistanceships: Exceptional students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty as a Research Assistant. In this role, students can contribute to an ongoing research project at the forefront of Data Science. Working as a research assistant requires a longer term commitment and a specific, project-dependent skillset. Typically, research assistants begin by demonstrating excellence in existing Data Science courses, then progress to work as a volunteer or paid research assistant, depending on the nature and requirements of the project.  Positions are rare and priority will be given to Ph.D. students. Read a feature story about student research with the DataLab.

Mentoring students is a top priority among all of the DataLab faculty, and we take our engagement with students very seriously. To ensure proper attention is given to each student member of the DataLab, only a small number of students are admitted to the DataLab each year. Read more about how to get involved with DataLab as a student