Before Contacting Faculty

Interested in opportunities to do research with the DataLab? We occasionally have opportunities for undergraduate and Master's students to take part in our research. Positions are competitive, and nearly all faculty require expertise in data processing and/or programming in order to involve a student. Please be aware of the following points prior to contacting DataLab faculty in order to help you present yourself:

  • Projects and research areas on the website tend to be specific one or two faculty members. Make sure you have checked what faculty are involved with a specific project before communicating an interest.
  • Keep in mind that some faculty will prefer that any interested students take their classes prior to involving them in research. Be aware of when relevant classes are offered.
  • Read relevant publications on the Data Lab site and associated faculty member's personal websites to help you understand the research first.
  • Check the website of the faculty you are interested in for that faculty's specific required skills. Tailor your email to highlight what skills you bring that are relevant to the research.
  • Be as specific about your interest and relevant prior experience as possible. Mentioning an interest in 'Data Science' or 'Data Analysis' doesn't convey the level of understanding needed for research.
  • Summarize how much time you can devote to research each week, and be prepared to demonstrate your abilities through an interview or analysis or programming exercise.