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News and Updates

Spiro gives keynote at ASONAM

Dr. Spiro gave a keynote at the 2018 Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Zeng et al. win Best Paper Award at HCII

PhD student Li Zeng won the Best Paper Award of the 10th International Conference on Social Computing and Social Media for her paper “Stay Connected and Keep Motivated: Modeling Activity Level of Exercise in an Online Fitness Community”.

Dr. Spiro to attend IC2S2 Conference

Dr. Spiro will attend the International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2). At the conference she will present a poster on joint work with PhD student Li Zeng on “Gender Differences in Social Exercise in an Online Fitness Community”.

Zeng to present at HCII

PhD student Li Zeng will present her work at the 2018 HCI International conference in Las Vegas this week. Her research paper, “Stay Connected and Keep Motivated: Modeling Activity Level of Exercise in an Online Fitness Community” explores personal health and wellness tracking.

Dr. Spiro awarded NSF grant to study rumors online

Dr. Spiro and Dr. Starbird were awarded an NSF grant to study Collective Sensemaking Online. The research project will address empirical and conceptual questions about online rumoring, asking: (1) How do online rumors permute, branch, and otherwise evolve over the course of their lifetime?

What we do

The DataLab is the nexus for research on Data Science and Analytics at the UW iSchool.  We study large-scale, heterogeneous human data in an effort to understand why individuals, consumers, and societies behave the way they do. Our goal is to use data for the social good, in an ethical manner that can inform policy and impact lives for the better. As the focal point for industry partnerships related to “big data” and business analytics, the DataLab also provides infrastructure and support for student training and engagement in projects that involve the analysis of large datasets.