Research Reproducibility and Data Reuse in Earth System Science

Datalab Faculty

Carole Palmer


An Yan     PhD student at University of Washington (iSchool)

Caihong (Rainbow) Huang      Master of Library and Information Science (iSchool)

Project Description

Earth System Science (ESS) is concerned with the physical, chemical, biological and human interactions that determine the future of our planet and the destiny of humankind. ESS research requires an intersection of disciplinary methods and results and relies on heterogeneous, ever growing data collections. The interdisciplinary nature of ESS poses a number of data challenges related to the need for valid integration and reuse of data and research reproducibility. This survey study investigates the perceptions, experiences, and practices of ESS researchers to benchmark the current state of reproducible research and data reuse. The results will inform how to develop open data systems and services for ESS. There are high expectations that open data can support transparency, rigor, and innovation in science and accelerate the pace of new discovery. Our work addresses the particular problems optimizing open data for application and integration across disciplines. The survey results will provide a baseline to inform further work on the data infrastructure needed to sustain data quality and foster the data access and integration necessary for robust interdisciplinary and reproducible ESS.


Yan, A. (2016, April). Research Reproducibility in Geosciences: Current Landscape, Practices and Perspectives. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (Vol. 18, p. 3341).